A Doppled Echo

The Past Two Years

Or, how your lives got flip, turned upside down.

You all work for a company called Vaysa Recovery, a company focused on diving into The Drop and collecting Numenera for various clients and nobility. Up until recently, you dominated the field. People would come from all over just to hire one of your diving teams. You were one of the most respected companies in all of Vatsela, and there was often talk of the owners becoming Vosts of Medo, but no one ever stepped forward in that process.

Over time, however, business began to decline and you have had to downsize- from a fleet of twelve ships and forty people, down to a single ship and a single diving team, your company now consists of five people- the three of you, your boss Gayge, and his son “Frier” Tuck who is your mechanic.

As it is, you have been offered your first job in nearly five weeks, and Gayge has reminded you of its importance at least three dozen times.



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